10 Best calming supplement for horses to achieve striking calmness


Nowadays it’s very confusing to find the best calming supplement for horses.

Because every product doesn’t have proper Ingredients and in the end, we can’t get the desired results. if you are one of them and still observe which calming supplements for horses actually work and essential oils for horses. this article specially for you. we have done our best recommendation after reading this article you can get your solution for sure.

Those products are very healthy with full of Ingredients that can replace your trouble into pluck. they have taken many products for their horses and they are much happier compared to the past situation. we are listing horse calming supplements.

Horse Calming Supplements Comparison Chart



  • 68 minerals
  • 3% sodium chloride
  • helps to fill in the gaps

5 of 5 Stars#1#1#2

Majesty’s Kalm+ Wafers

  • 60 wafers for each bag
  • made of pure molasses
  • Vitamin B1,Tryptophan & natural ingredients

5 of 5 Stars#1#1#3

Formula 707

  • help to the balanced central nervous system
  • premium quality magnesium oxide

4 of 5 Stars#1#1#4


  • rami sol formed
  • help to calm your nervous anxious horse

4.5 of 5 Stars#1#1#5


  • Essential Amino Acid L-Tryptophan
  • natural herbs
  • 12-pound pail

4.5 of 5 Stars#1#1#6


  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • made with vitamin B6, 5-HTP

3.5 of 5 Stars#1#1#7

Omega Alpha

  • Omega Alpha Chill soothes
  • Polygonum multiflorum, Albizia kalkora
  • Ziziphus jujuba, Biota orientalis.

4 of 5 Stars#1#1#8

Mare Moods


4.5 of 5 Stars#1#1#9#9

Training Day​

  • build gradually over 3 to 5 days
  • evening feed

4.5 of 5 Stars#1#1#9#10


  • can easily improve the ability of excitable horses
  • can decrease anxiety

4.5 of 5 Stars

Best Calming Supplement for Horses

1- Redmond Daily Gold Natural Stress Relief for Horses

Redmond Daily Gold Natural Stress Relief for Horses

Where comes the question of what is the best calming supplement for horses? we are always recommended this product because we know that everyone wants a better result and it really gives us better and natural impact. Know if you can ride a horse with hives or not.

This is not only a normal Calming Supplements it comes with a lot more ingredients and the best thing is it comes with natural montmorillonite clay that gives us 3% sodium chloride and 68 mineral. This supplement helps us to building blocks of life.

Any supplier sells cheap quality products which have lots more unhealthy things like sweeteners, excess Grainger, fillers, artificial colors as well as flavors. those give us a very bad impact on our horse or any animal, so keep a distance from those nonbranded products.

Daily Gold can solve digestive issues, and it takes the burn out of acidic ulcers, so if your Horses issue with ulcer symptoms then its works like a charm. make sure that you give this supplement with wet mash to get the best result.


2- Majesty’s Kalm Wafers – Supports Horse

Majesty's Kalm+ Wafers Supplements for Horses

One of the best products for horses that we are recommended to you all. it’s specially made in the USA product so you can imagine the quality of this product. Not only that, they produced in beautiful Central Oregon that’s why they said they feel pride in producing these wafers ourselves and continue to provide you the nutrients to keep your horse healthy and happy.

It contains Tryptophan, Vitamin B1 that is very important for a supplement. be a wafer so it’s an easy-to-use supplement and helps to reduce anxiety, stress level. The unique thing is made of molasses and apple sauce that make this product the super easy to feed product and we achieve a rate is 98% feed ability.

Each bag has 60 wafers so if you are taking 2 bags it goes around an approx fore month that can provide your horse more nutrients, which is more needed in four months.

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3- Formula 707 Calming Equine Supplement

Formula 707 Calming Equine Supplement 10LB Bucket

It comes from a very named company who helping horses succeed since 1946 by John Ewing Company. It contains most importantly serotonin, nutrition, and relaxation that provide a huge boost to the three processes that lead to a balanced central nervous system. Still a budget-friendly supplement for big horse breeds.

Not only that, this product gives our horses the freedom to decrease L-Tryptophan aids, anxiety, and Thiamine (B1) helps to increase nutrition level as well as metabolic processes with that Magnesium to calm and relaxed muscles.

4- Ramard Total Calm Focus

Ramard Total Calm and Focus

The complete calming supplement from the company Ramard (Total Calm Focus) spacially made of rami sol.

Gives amazing results, when your horse enhancing focus and nervous because it calm and focuses your horse naturally and Made a big difference. if you take 1.2 lb then its covers around 30 days.

5- Oralx Corporation Calm and Cool Pellet for Horses

You might guess what is Calm and Cool Pellet supplement from Oralx Corporation company, it’s a very reliable product when it comes to controlling your horse.

Because, this is a combination of the essential Amino Acid L-Tryptophan and natural herbs to calm, anxious and excitable horses every day when your horses are moody and get more productive training and performance as well.

Please note that if you don’t feed them in one scoop on a daily basis, you cant able to control and relax your baby, please keep in mind you have 12 Pound Pail in this package, so it’s gonna be very helpful as well your horses.

6- SynChill – Calming of Stress and Anxiety Supplement for Horses

SynChill - Calming of Stress and Anxiety Supplement for Horses

Nowadays every horse owner wants to buy 100% natural supplements so introducing you to an equine product from SynChill. If your horse is in extremely fast environments and they are very anxious and painful manner this product can easily able to reach peak performance. Find the best mountain horse winter jackets to stay warm while the ride.

This company said, that their products do not contain any banned substances on the use of drugs and committed to do a natural approach with safely and effectively calm properly. Not only that they said every time that is one of their game-changer equine calm product.

7- Omega Alpha Chill Equine Calmer 32 oz

Omega Alpha Chill Equine Calmer 32 oz

This company (Dover Saddlery) belongs in the United Kingdom and for over 40 years they offer the best quality horse care product so you can imagine how reliable that is.

Before one hour 30- 60 cc an hour prior to exercise and don’t use for mares in foal. Omega Alpha Chill helps your horses to reduce anxieties and a lot more painful things because it contains Polygonum multiflora, biota Orientalis, albizia Kaikoura, and Ziziphus jujube.

8- Silver Lining Herbs Mare Moods

Silver Lining Herbs Mare Moods

The horse owners want every time natural supplements and work truly. Mare Moods brand whos from the USA at Buhl Idaho they are made many animal care products and most important all those are healthy and natural products.

Not only that this product has a lot more natural herbal and healthy ingredients that give your horses a better relaxed and comfortable behavior during their cycles. Helps your horse in many things like when your horses maintain harmonious heat cycles.

9- Perfect Prep Training Day Reviews

Perfect Prep Training Day Reviews

Perfect Products offer you Equine Perfect Prep EQ Training Day 5 lb with no contains prohibited substances, only healthy ingredients that give effective boost your horses to the next level.

Make sure you feed your horses daily with this product, morning and evening also. gradually over 3 to 5 days, you can see the ultimate effect. you can use this alone or as part of the Perfect Prep Calming System .

10- Uckele Seroquine Pellet, Calming Supplement for Horses

Uckele Seroquine Pellet, Calming Supplement for Horses

The Uckele Seroquine you can use before stressful events for relaxation and mental alertness and post-event to maintain emotions. Also, be used for the daily purpose to maintain a balanced nervous system and give Enhancing focus. please note that it’s Non-GMO and soy-free. Check how long do horses live and other facts about horses.

Conclusion :

When comes horse care horse health some of you don’t put effort to choose good product who are really good at giving a lot more healthy ingredients to our horse and don’t use two calming supplements at the same time. We are listing the top 10 best calming supplements for horses to hope we are can able to help you and your horses as well let me know in the comment box.

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